It’s Not Just Bribery That Leaves A Bad Taste In Your Mouth…

Taxi Ride In The Ghanaian Countryside “What are you smoking?” he barked inches from my face. Confused and completely caught off guard I spat out the truth. “Nothing?! I…I was just taking a picture of my friends” I replied. He continued. “Where are the [...]

How To Deal With Bribery…Like A Boss

(Credit: Bribery And Extortion Whilst Travelling Bribery. Corruption. Extortion. They exist everywhere and rear their ugly heads in many different forms. Unfortunately it’s not always a black or white issue, and though unlikely, the consequences can be very serious depending on the [...]

Leap Of Faith: Bungee Jump Over Victoria falls

In a dizzying helicopter spin, gently bobbing up and down, I was laughing uncontrollably. As my body rotated towards the sun, a cool blast of glistening mist hit my face. As a young 22 year old buck, at that point, I had [...]

Scenic Scotland: Day Trip To Kilchurn Castle

“Scotland? In March?! Nah. I’m good Bro.”   Something that the uninitiated could be forgiven for thinking. It is the most northerly region of Great Britain after all.   Freezing cold and dreary gloom. Piercing winds and biting rain. Things never in short supply in [...]

Complete Travel Gear Guide: Hot Climates

Every man and his dog has an opinion on what gear you should take when travelling... And that's a good thing, because every man and his dog travels these days. Problem is, with so many opinions, how do you know who is actually right? The [...]

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