“What Is An Enlightened Bro Traveller?”




It’s strange that words, have different meanings to different people? Your idea of happiness might not be the same as mine. Vice versa. So we’re all on the same page, let me breakdown what Enlightened Bro Traveller means to me:


  1. Having or showing rational, modern, and well-informed views.
  2. Spiritually aware.

Examples include: The Budda, Travis Elliot, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Terrance Mckenna


  1. A positive, lovable, alpha-male idiot. (Can be female)
  2. A person who indulges behaviour that is kind of juvenile, but enjoyable. And in the end harmless .

E.g. Partying with your pals, High-fiving, Pumping iron, Bungee jumping, Cracking retarded jokes, Unnecessarily “Ballin’ like a G”.

Examples include: Joe Rogan, Drake, Neil Patrick Harris, Channing Tatum, Brendan Schaube


  1. A person who is travelling or who often travels.
  2. A person who is open-minded to differing values and leads a wandering, unconventional lifestyle.

Examples include: Mark Twain, Michael Palin, Ray Mears, Rolf Pott, Ernest Shackleton



“OK…But What EXACTLY Is This Blog All About?”


We are one


Welcome all, to the Yin-Yang of Travel blogs.
What I like about the Yin-Yang symbol (apart from it looking pretty damn cool) is how it shows two very different pieces actually uniting and forming one, whole piece. Also each half contains a tiny part of the other within itself.

“Pretty deep bro, but so what?”

If you’re here we probably share travelling as a passion right? But…Do you like martial arts? Or partying hard into the early hours of the morning? Or, what about, photography? How about staring up at a starry night sky?

Well I like all of the above and more!

My goal in starting this light-hearted blog is to share my ‘wicked cool’ stories, practical advice, colourful photography and unusual adventures with you beautiful souls reading. It doubles as a chronicle (read: questionably written record) of my travels around the world.
That’s only half the story though…

At the same time, I want to show you Bro’s why travelling is perfect to indulge all your weird and wonderful interests, no matter how different they may seem. And more importantly, how to gain a few more.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is who had the most fun”

– Infinite waters

If that’s not enough mustard for you, I also want to show you why travel is amazing at enriching and “levelling up” all the coolest parts of what make you…. well you. Helping to shed away what’s not serving you and to start living in alignment with your core values.



“So What Kind Of Funky Stuff Are You Into?”


Drunken chess?


Here are some personal examples of things I’ve tried or Would like to try:

Bro stuff

Extreme/Adrenaline activities

  • Bungee jumping, Ski diving, Black water rafting, Urban exploring.

Fitness/Martial arts

  • Muay Thai, Submission grappling, “Off the beaten path” martial arts, Watching professional fights live.


  • Finding unusual/cool bars, Cocktails, Clubbing/raving, Live jazz music, Festivals (not just music ones), Dropping serious heat on the dance floor.

Enlightening stuff


  • Hiking trails, Wild camping, Seeing wildlife (in its natural habitat), Bush-craft.

Nurturing inner peace

  • Meditation, Yoga, Traditional Cultural ceremonies, Floatation tanks

Nerd activities

  • Star gazing, Visiting space observatories, Visiting museums, Visiting ancient historical sites.


  • I personally like landscape, low light (night), abstract and street photography. (See some examples?)


If you to enjoy any of the awesomeness above, and would like to see a detailed list of all the things I have, and am hoping, to try on my travels… Click below.

Travel Bucket List

“Who The Hell Are You Dude?”


My name is Ferhan, but you can call me Frank. I was born and raised in the hip and happening city of Birmingham, England. Went on to get good grades at school (except in German), went to a good university, to study dentistry. Became a good “professional” and started the world of work in a good job.
Sounds I nailed it pretty well right? Next stop – Married. Kids. Nice car. Nice House. Nice Lawn. Singing and laughing happily …ever… after.

Well actually no…

So at the ripe age of 26, I took some time off of work to really get to grips with what I wanted for my time on this earth. Turns out that whole “white picket fence” wasn’t me. (Pretty cliché these days to be honest, but still unconventional, and therefore, super cool.)

I decided on my sabbatical there is never going to be a perfect time to go travelling. So why not go as soon as possible!

I’ve had some of the best times of my life were whilst travelling. And the lessons I’ve learnt. Invaluable.
Since my first trip to Amsterdam when I was 17, I’ve been addicted to travelling. The numerous trips I’ve had after, around parts of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, have all given me memories I’ll treasure forever.

So I set about manifesting my trip of a life time #thesecret #lawofattraction #theuniverseprovides (I’m joking, I did actually have to put some work in.) And this is where you find me, ending one chapter of my life and starting another. So what better way to start new chapter than with a new blog?!


“TL;DR. Summery. In 100 Words Or Less. Go!”


With travel as the foundation this blog, I want to persuade you to try things you’d not normally think of trying. Then you can pepper those ideas into your own super-sweet world adventure . If I’m responsible for one person finding a new passion, or starting travelling more, this blog has been a success.

So… All my Bro’s… All my Yogi’s… don’t box yourself in! Try the other side of the coin for once, you might be pleasantly surprised. Most importantly, get out there and check out what some of this bad ass planet has to offer you!

Much love

Frank x

P.s. Funnily enough, most of what I’m trying to say is condensed (in all its cheesy glory) in a 1 minute Street Fighter 5 commercial my friend once showed me .

Seriously. Check it out here.