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It’s Not Just Bribery That Leaves A Bad Taste In Your Mouth…

Taxi Ride In The Ghanaian Countryside “What are you smoking?” he barked inches from my face. Confused and completely caught off guard I spat out the truth. “Nothing?! I…I was just taking a picture of my friends” I replied. He continued. “Where are the drugs?” I tried in vain [...]

How To Deal With Bribery…Like A Boss

(Credit: Bribery And Extortion Whilst Travelling Bribery. Corruption. Extortion. They exist everywhere and rear their ugly heads in many different forms. Unfortunately it’s not always a black or white issue, and though unlikely, the consequences can be very serious depending on the situation. What’s also unfortunate is [...]

Leap Of Faith: Bungee Jump Over Victoria falls

In a dizzying helicopter spin, gently bobbing up and down, I was laughing uncontrollably. As my body rotated towards the sun, a cool blast of glistening mist hit my face. As a young 22 year old buck, at that point, I had never experienced anything like it… [...]

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